Meditation with a baby

I think I may have already written about how having a baby forces you to be more mindful. Today again there was an example. My daughter was sitting on my knee and she was playing with Continue reading “Meditation with a baby”


What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?

girouetteFor a couple of days or weeks you are thinking: “yeah I decided I wanted to find a job in industry A or in this type of roles” or “yes I want to apply for an MBA” or anything along the lines of “this is where I want to go or where I want to be”.

And a couple of weeks later, whether it is because someone asks you for an update on your situation or because someone tells you “there is this job opening in my firm for the type of roles you told me you were interested in, you should send me your CV”, you suddenly feel uncomfortable or scared.

“Oh no why did I tell this person that it is what I wanted. I don’t know anymore if that is what I want. Maybe I want something else. I think I know where I want to go now. I thought about it more.” Etc.

Until next time.

Why does Continue reading “What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?”

Hey body! When are you going to realise that it is ok to feel pain?


(Apologies in advance for the swearing)

It is now quite clear that my body and my mind are very similar. They are probably even very close friends.

They fucking hate discomfort and pain and they would do whatever they can to avoid it.

In this blog I mainly talk about how my mind tried/is trying/will try to avoid pain: with alcohol, avoidance, running away from negative thoughts, etc.

But this week, after another iteration of strong back pain and Continue reading “Hey body! When are you going to realise that it is ok to feel pain?”

Weeks #17 and #18 – The marshmallow test (part 2)


So my introduction to “The Marshmallow Test” was very long (and very boring) but…

It was necessary. And we learnt the great news that we can have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset! What a relief!

Now what’s next? What do we that you’re asking? With that, we look at tips and tactics offered by the book to help Continue reading “Weeks #17 and #18 – The marshmallow test (part 2)”

Week #14 – Daily meditation and the art of letting go


I feel I have not spoken about meditation in a while. But hey look at the title of the blog, it’s not just about trying to be sober. It is also about trying to meditate every day for a year.

My app is currently telling me that I have been meditating every day for the past 118 days.

Ok sometimes, I remember at the last minute that I have not meditated on that day. I’m in bed and I’m thinking “oh crap, I forgot to meditate today!”. So I usually open the app, choose a meditation that is recommended to do in the evening and I start my daily session.

Obviously I much prefer – and I feel stronger benefits – when I do a session during the day instead of while I am already in bed. I tried morning meditation sessions before going to work. They are a great way to start the day, as I can easily get stressed in the morning just by getting ready to go to work and by starting to think about my busy day.

At the beginning I was meditating a lot in the office after my lunch break. I would go to a quiet meeting room and do a 10 or 15min session. I really liked it. After a session, you really feel that you managed to disconnect from work and do something totally different while staying in the office. You feel ready to continue your day.

But maybe my favourite time is after work when I go back home. The busyness of the day has gone but the stress is still here when I arrive home. So when I have the opportunity to meditate at that time, it helps me noticing what I have been feeling during the day, what I am feeling at the moment and how I can let go of unnecessary thoughts or worries.

Talking of letting go, I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was starting a program of meditation over 15 days. The theme is “Surrender” and it is by Michelle Zarrin. I could not recommend it highly enough. I really enjoyed it. I found the sessions very relaxing and offering great guidance to surrender and let go.

My favourite part? When she asked us to focus on “the empty space after ‘I am'”. It might sound simple or even stupid but it worked for me. Just focus on the fact that you do not need to add anything after ‘I am’. Being is enough. You can put all the other negative thoughts or worries on the side.

Ok. Time for me to meditate before going to bed.

Fourteen weeks done. Thirty-eight more to go.