Week #52 – Love

20180625_211436Everything is about love. And that has always been the case.

Everything has always been about love.


We tend to think of love as this thing we feel (or not) for other people. But we tend to forget about Continue reading “Week #52 – Love”


Week #51 – No idea

pray-537646_1920Yep. Week #51.

I am writing these words and still I have no idea what I will do after I will complete a year of sobriety in a week.

So why do I think I want to start drinking again? What’s tempting me?

Here are a couple of reasons: Continue reading “Week #51 – No idea”

Week #50 – I am spending the equivalent of $1m a year taking care of my body…


One of the things that has been going through my mind recently is the importance of taking care of my body. It is probably because I am getting older and also because with my baby daughter I appreciate even more the importance of being in good shape and easily full of energy but, yeah I recognise how important and precious my body and overall health is. Recently I read an article about how Continue reading “Week #50 – I am spending the equivalent of $1m a year taking care of my body…”

Week #41 – How are you doing by the way?

so-how-you-doing-hippoI know a guy who suffers from depression and anxiety. I am not sure he knows I know. I know because his wife told my wife and my wife told me.

He also just had a baby and is quite stressed at the moment. The other evening, we met with two other guys for dinner and I could see that he was the most keen on drinking. He was the one who wanted to order a ‘last’ one while the other three said “not for me, I need to go soon”. He eventually managed to convince one of us to order another one.

This. Reminded. So. Much. Of. Me.

When I came home afterwards Continue reading “Week #41 – How are you doing by the way?”

Weeks #36 to #40 – 9 months

9monthsWhat is going on in this picture? Am I Hugh Grant and alcohol is Julianne Moore? Or maybe I am Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant is sobriety? Who knows…

Anyway, I am three quarter of the way.

Meditation update:

I have been meditating every day and really enjoying it. I have only been doing short meditation sessions (10-15min) for the past couple of months. I’d like to do longer ones (30-45min) from time to time but Continue reading “Weeks #36 to #40 – 9 months”

Week #35 – 8 months – Different ways of drinking…

8-months8 months already…


It has been quite an interesting and rewarding journey.

Last week I met with some friends I had not seen in a while. Their reaction was also “wow…”. Although they tend to be heavy drinkers, I liked the fact they did not say anything such as “what a stupid idea” or “why are you doing that to yourself”.

I had a quick chat with one of them and asked him if he drinks alone sometimes. I was surprised when he told me Continue reading “Week #35 – 8 months – Different ways of drinking…”