Meditation with a baby

I think I may have already written about how having a baby forces you to be more mindful. Today again there was an example. My daughter was sitting on my knee and she was playing with Continue reading “Meditation with a baby”


What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?

girouetteFor a couple of days or weeks you are thinking: “yeah I decided I wanted to find a job in industry A or in this type of roles” or “yes I want to apply for an MBA” or anything along the lines of “this is where I want to go or where I want to be”.

And a couple of weeks later, whether it is because someone asks you for an update on your situation or because someone tells you “there is this job opening in my firm for the type of roles you told me you were interested in, you should send me your CV”, you suddenly feel uncomfortable or scared.

“Oh no why did I tell this person that it is what I wanted. I don’t know anymore if that is what I want. Maybe I want something else. I think I know where I want to go now. I thought about it more.” Etc.

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Why does Continue reading “What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?”