Grey-area drinkers

grey areaHello there,

Maybe I am late on this one but I’ve recently watched this Ted talk about grey-area drinkers. And let me tell you that Jolene is describing exactly how I used to be as a drinker.

But I enjoyed even more reading Continue reading “Grey-area drinkers”


Some time after week #52 – A nice evening out with friends…

For probably the first time since I am sober, I had a typical “night out” with two friends with the typical “night out” ingredients: a nice bar, dinner, catching up, talking about our current joy and problems, laughing out loud, late train back home and drinks…

Nobody ever said that these drinks needed to Continue reading “Some time after week #52 – A nice evening out with friends…”

Don’t assume!

assumeI have been struggling to find time to post on this blog recently! I have been able to write everyday (as it is my plan for 2018) but mainly on my phone and then I can’t seem to find the time to put all of that on WordPress and to publish it.


Here I am.

Last week I had two friends (guys) over for dinner. We started talking about me not drinking for a year and one of them said Continue reading “Don’t assume!”

Weeks #36 to #40 – 9 months

9monthsWhat is going on in this picture? Am I Hugh Grant and alcohol is Julianne Moore? Or maybe I am Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant is sobriety? Who knows…

Anyway, I am three quarter of the way.

Meditation update:

I have been meditating every day and really enjoying it. I have only been doing short meditation sessions (10-15min) for the past couple of months. I’d like to do longer ones (30-45min) from time to time but Continue reading “Weeks #36 to #40 – 9 months”

Week #35 – 8 months – Different ways of drinking…

8-months8 months already…


It has been quite an interesting and rewarding journey.

Last week I met with some friends I had not seen in a while. Their reaction was also “wow…”. Although they tend to be heavy drinkers, I liked the fact they did not say anything such as “what a stupid idea” or “why are you doing that to yourself”.

I had a quick chat with one of them and asked him if he drinks alone sometimes. I was surprised when he told me Continue reading “Week #35 – 8 months – Different ways of drinking…”