Meditation with a baby

I think I may have already written about how having a baby forces you to be more mindful. Today again there was an example. My daughter was sitting on my knee and she was playing with Continue reading “Meditation with a baby”


What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?

girouetteFor a couple of days or weeks you are thinking: “yeah I decided I wanted to find a job in industry A or in this type of roles” or “yes I want to apply for an MBA” or anything along the lines of “this is where I want to go or where I want to be”.

And a couple of weeks later, whether it is because someone asks you for an update on your situation or because someone tells you “there is this job opening in my firm for the type of roles you told me you were interested in, you should send me your CV”, you suddenly feel uncomfortable or scared.

“Oh no why did I tell this person that it is what I wanted. I don’t know anymore if that is what I want. Maybe I want something else. I think I know where I want to go now. I thought about it more.” Etc.

Until next time.

Why does Continue reading “What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?”

How long am I going to keep on doing my daily exercises for my back?


My back is in pain once again. After a busy past couple of weeks or months, a 3 and a half hours flight carrying 4 pieces of luggage as well as my daughter, after a day sitting uncomfortably at my desk, after a long drive home and finally after picking up my daughter from her bath, my back said “what the fuck are you doing? Why are you treating me this way?” and went on strike.

Everything is stiff and painful.

“Your back went into spasms” said the doctor. Whatever that means. Continue reading “How long am I going to keep on doing my daily exercises for my back?”

Hey body! When are you going to realise that it is ok to feel pain?


(Apologies in advance for the swearing)

It is now quite clear that my body and my mind are very similar. They are probably even very close friends.

They fucking hate discomfort and pain and they would do whatever they can to avoid it.

In this blog I mainly talk about how my mind tried/is trying/will try to avoid pain: with alcohol, avoidance, running away from negative thoughts, etc.

But this week, after another iteration of strong back pain and Continue reading “Hey body! When are you going to realise that it is ok to feel pain?”

Some time after week #52 – A nice evening out with friends…

For probably the first time since I am sober, I had a typical “night out” with two friends with the typical “night out” ingredients: a nice bar, dinner, catching up, talking about our current joy and problems, laughing out loud, late train back home and drinks…

Nobody ever said that these drinks needed to Continue reading “Some time after week #52 – A nice evening out with friends…”