Meditation with a baby

I think I may have already written about how having a baby forces you to be more mindful. Today again there was an example. My daughter was sitting on my knee and she was playing with something in her left hand while the fingers of her right hand were gently caressing my hand. I’m sure she had no idea she was doing that. She was too busy focusing on whatever was happening with her other hand. But me, I clearly noticed it. And I loved it. I was paying attention to every move of her tiny fingers. Then this made me look into more details at other parts of her body. Her right ear. Some of her hair. Back to her tiny fingers. Looking at my daughter do whatever she does can be like a meditation (ok sometimes it is the exact opposite of a meditation as I have to run everywhere to make sure she does not do anything dangerous). But when she is just playing quietly, looking at her and her every move is definitely as peaceful, relaxing and satisfying as meditating.


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