What does that mean when we change opinion so quickly?

girouetteFor a couple of days or weeks you are thinking: “yeah I decided I wanted to find a job in industry A or in this type of roles” or “yes I want to apply for an MBA” or anything along the lines of “this is where I want to go or where I want to be”.

And a couple of weeks later, whether it is because someone asks you for an update on your situation or because someone tells you “there is this job opening in my firm for the type of roles you told me you were interested in, you should send me your CV”, you suddenly feel uncomfortable or scared.

“Oh no why did I tell this person that it is what I wanted. I don’t know anymore if that is what I want. Maybe I want something else. I think I know where I want to go now. I thought about it more.” Etc.

Until next time.

Why does that happen? Was I wrong the first time when I thought I wanted A, B or C? Or was I right but now that it becomes real I am scared to do what I need to do? Was I right but I don’t want to make the effort to get what I want? Or am I scared to be disappointed or to disappoint someone else?

Am I just trying to escape an uncomfortable situation but then realising that the next situation might be as uncomfortable as the initial one? Am I overreacting, reacting or acting?

I hope you are not expecting me to give you an answer to all these questions because I obviously don’t know!

Where can I find a beginning of an answer then?

Probably by sticking to my values and to the things I know have been helping me recently:

  • Be mindful: feel what you are experiencing, don’t try to burry things or to ignore feelings (acceptance vs avoidance)
  • Do not try to escape any uncomfortable or painful or annoying situations at any cost. Face them. Part of the answer is probably on the other side of the door after having gone through this type of situations
  • Enjoy the process, have fun and learn along the way

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