Hey body! When are you going to realise that it is ok to feel pain?


(Apologies in advance for the swearing)

It is now quite clear that my body and my mind are very similar. They are probably even very close friends.

They fucking hate discomfort and pain and they would do whatever they can to avoid it.

In this blog I mainly talk about how my mind tried/is trying/will try to avoid pain: with alcohol, avoidance, running away from negative thoughts, etc.

But this week, after another iteration of strong back pain and a visit to a masseur and to a doctor, I also got the confirmation that my body behaves the same way as my mind when it comes to pain: since I started to have a problem with a disc on the lower right side of my back, the rest of my body has done EVERYTHING in its power to avoid this pain:

  • Twisting my back when bending forward.
  • Ignoring my core.
  • Tilting on the left side.
  • Tensing everything around the disc to prevent me from feeling the initial pain.

Consequences? It has now done more damage to other parts of my back and my glutes.

Oh boy. My back is now a fucking mess. Who told him to do all of that to avoid the pain?

Oh yeah… right… My mind did.

Got it.

Hey body. When are you going to fucking accept that it is ok to feel pain? Stop trying to avoid it at all cost. Notice, accept and work on your core (this mystical concept located somewhere under my beer belly). Stop twisting and tensing. Stop trying to overcompensate. Be mindful and do what is good for you.

And maybe start doing the exercises and stretching that physios, doctors, masseurs and wife have been telling you to do for the past 10 years.

Hey? What do you think about that?


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